All Fragrances

A Thousand Wishes
Aloha Waterfall Orchid
Almond & Vanilla
Amber & Argan
Amber Blush
At The Beach
Bali Blue Surf
Be Enchanted
Be Joyful
Beach Nights (Summer Marshmallow)
Beautiful Day
Black Amethyst
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Brown Sugar & Fig
Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla
Butterfly Flower
Carried Away
Cashmere Glow
Cherry Blossom
Coconut Lime Breeze
Cool Amazon Rain
Cotton Blossom
Country Apple
Country Chic
Cucumber Melon
Cup of Warmth
Dancing Waters
Dark Kiss
Enchanted Orchid
Endless Weekend
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Fiji Pineapple Palm
French Lavender & Honey
Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea
Get Happy
Golden Magnolia Sun
Hello Beautiful
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Juniper Breeze
Liquid Sunshine
London Tulips & Raspberry Tea
Love & Sunshine
Mad About You
Magic in the Air
Malibu Heat
Mango Mandarin
Midnight Pomegranate
Moonlight Path
New York
Paris Amour
Peach Bellini
Peach Honey Almond
Pear Blossom Air
Pink Cashmere
Pink Chiffon
Pink Confetti
Pretty as Peach
Pure Paradise
Rainkissed Leaves
Sea Island Cotton
Seaside Pink Jasmine
Secret Wonderland
Sensual Amber
Snowy Morning
Sparkling Limoncello
Suncrisp Apple Harvest
Sun Ripened Raspberry
Sunset by the Pool
Sweet Pea
Tahiti Island Dream
Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom
Tutti Dolci – Golden Honey Praline
Tutti Dolci – Pink Peony Creme
Tutti Dolci – Sweet Lemon Buttercup
Tutti Dolci – White Mocha Kiss
Twilight Woods
Twisted Peppermint
Vanilla Bean Noel
Velvet Sugar
Violet Lily Sky
Waikiki Beach Coconut
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Watermelon Lemonade
White Citrus
White Tea & Ginger
Wildberry & Chamomile
Wild Madagascar Vanilla
Wild Honeysuckle
Winter Candy Apple

108 thoughts on “All Fragrances”

    1. Hi, sorry we don’t have White Citrus cologne for men. But we do have White Citrus 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo for men.

    1. Hi mumayd, sorry we don’t have Waikiki Coconut Beach scent. Perhaps you would be interested in Iced Coconut Coolada or Coconut Lime Breeze?

  1. Hi! Do you have BBW Wild Berry and Honeysuckle fragrance mist and lotion also? I just can’t find the scent anymore. Is it the same with Wild Honeysuckle? Thanks.

    1. Hi, yes we have Wild Honeysuckle mist and lotion. But sorry Wild Berry Tulips scent is already a discontinued scent.

  2. Hi po. Ask ko lang ano po dito ang best scents perfume? Yung hindi po super sweet.

    warm nanilla sugar
    sweet pea
    sensual amber
    paris armour
    country apple
    cucumber melon
    sweet on paris

    Thank you. And how much po in 236ml?

    1. Hello, I recommend the Warm Vanilla Sugar and Beach Nights(Summer Marshmallow) for mild sweet scent. For fruity floral scent, Sweet Pea.

  3. Hello! Ano po yung best seller niyong bath and body works and victoria secret fragrance mists? Thank You! ????

    1. Hello, Best-Selling scents in Bath and Body Works are:
      Sweet Pea
      Japanese Cherry Blossom
      Cucumber Melon
      Warm Vanilla Sugar

      For the Victoria Secret fragrance mist, Best-Selling scents are:
      Vanilla Lace
      Pure Seduction
      Love Spell

  4. Hi , ask lang po for suggestion. I want a scent na hindi masyadong sweet or too girly , yung fresh all day scent kasi madali akong pawisan eh. At magkano din, thanks????

    1. Hi Lian, we recommend the Cucumber Melon, Sea Island Cotton, or the Juniper Breeze. Fragrance mist is P550. You may text/viber us at 0916-723-4044 for further inquiries.

  5. Hi. Just want to ask if u still have available bbw cherry blossom, plumeria and japanese cherry blossom.. And how much and how can I avail? Thanks

    1. Hello leah tabligan, yes we do have Cherry Blossom, Plumeria, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Please do text/viber us at 0916-723-4044 for further details. Thanks!

    1. Hello nikki, sorry Lush Pink Dragonfruit mist is already a discontinued scent. What we have left in that scent is the shower gel.

    1. Hello Tricia, we have the Japanese Cherry Blossom mist, lotion, body cream, and shower gel. We don’t have a gift set though.

  6. Hi. wala na bang Lush Pink Dragon Fruit? Kahit sa ibang bansa? Or alin yung mist na malapit sa amoy na? Thank you!

    1. Hello len, yes sorry Lush Pink Dragonfruit is already a discontinued scent. We can no longer buy it even in USA. But we still have a stock of shower gel in that scent.

    1. Hi Patricia, Night Blooming Jasmine is a discontinued scent. We do have it in our stocks but in old bottle already.

    1. Hello Ciara, Almond & Vanilla fragrance mist is still available. Pls do contact us at 0916-723-4044 either thru text or viber so we may be able to get the order details from you. You may also go to our fb page bathandbodyph for any communication. Thanks!

    1. Hello Aleli, yes Pink Chiffon lotion and fragrance mist are available. Fragrance mist 236ml is P550, lotion 236ml is P490. Please do text/viber us at 0916-723-4044 for faster reply.

        1. How can you describe Wild Madagascar Vanilla’s scent? I’ve been curious to know it since I plan to buy it. Thank you!

          1. Hello Emille, per website, Wild Madagascar Vanilla is an intoxicating blend of the world’s most desired vanilla, perfectly enhanced with African pear, wild jasmine and white sandalwood.

    1. Hello Camille Carlos, yes we have Paris Amour and White Citrus fragrance mist but it has no shimmer.

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