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    1. Hi Vieve, yes A Thousand Wishes and Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist is available. It’s P550 each. You may text or viber us for order at 0916-723-4044. Thanks!

  1. Hi! May I ask what type of body cream should I buy that doesn’t have a strong, heavy smell nor a fruity smell, but preferably a lighter and floral scent?

      1. Thank you! I was planning on buying only one and since I don’t really have an idea of their smell, which of the three is more well-liked by your customers? Sorry, I couldn’t make a decision with just relying on the descriptions.

        1. Hi Grace, the best-selling scent is Sweet Pea. But for a more lighter scent, Sweet Magnolia & Clementine. 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m inlove with forever midnight before but it’s no longer available. Can you recommend a scent that is similar to it?

    1. Hello Lea, we have Forever Midnight Eau de Parfum (75ml), original price is $45. We sell it for P1490. Some other customers who like the Forever Midnight likes the Dark Kiss fragrance. Perhaps you may try that also. Thanks!

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