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    1. Hi Vieve, yes A Thousand Wishes and Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist is available. It’s P550 each. You may text or viber us for order at 0916-723-4044. Thanks!

  1. Hi! May I ask what type of body cream should I buy that doesn’t have a strong, heavy smell nor a fruity smell, but preferably a lighter and floral scent?

    1. Hello, I recommend the ff body cream:
      Beautiful Day
      Sweet Magnolia & Clementine
      Sweet Pea

      1. Thank you! I was planning on buying only one and since I don’t really have an idea of their smell, which of the three is more well-liked by your customers? Sorry, I couldn’t make a decision with just relying on the descriptions.

        1. Hi Grace, the best-selling scent is Sweet Pea. But for a more lighter scent, Sweet Magnolia & Clementine. 🙂

  2. Hi! May I ask if available po ba ung sugar plum swirl perfume and lotion? how to order and how much?

  3. Hi! I’m inlove with forever midnight before but it’s no longer available. Can you recommend a scent that is similar to it?

    1. Hello Lea, we have Forever Midnight Eau de Parfum (75ml), original price is $45. We sell it for P1490. Some other customers who like the Forever Midnight likes the Dark Kiss fragrance. Perhaps you may try that also. Thanks!

    1. Hello Shekinah, the Cup of Warmth is a discontinued scent already. We no longer have it in our stocks.

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